King Mulhacen is the creation of Sean Lemkey (guitar/vocals/percussion) and Henry Bartholomay (guitar/vocals/harmonica), two college buddies with a mission to travel and make meaningful music.  Born on a mountaintop in Spain, King Mulhacen has seen quite an evolution since its inception.  Sean and Henry began playing together in 2010 in the dorms at Fordham University in New York.  After playing in various groups on campus, their joint songwriting was catalyzed by a semester of self-discovery in Spain.  They emerged from that experience with a renewed inspiration for creating introspective, reflective, but expansive music.  Upon returning to the states they recorded their self-titled debut album as a duo in 2014.  Following graduation the two embarked on an odyssey of the western United States, playing music at every turn, recording a documentary, and living out the footloose American dream in a 1979 VW bus dubbed Arya.

That journey generated much of the material for the expansive sound of All Who Wander (released May 6th, 2016) and for the growth of the band from two to five players.  They arrived in New Orleans in the fall of 2014 with a focused vision of what the band could be, and found three incredible additions to what is now the true King Mulhacen.  Kevin Clifford (drums/guitar/vocals), Steve Panacek (bass/vocals), and Duncan Troast (keys/vocals) fill out what can only be described as a supremely talented and diverse lineup, making for purposeful, original sound--with some definite respect for CSNY, George Harrison, and the Fleet Foxes.  In early 2015 the group recorded a live video of “America, Wake Up” that made its way onto the stand-out list out of over 7,000 entries for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest.  The band has played all over the country, including some of New Orlean's most iconic venues, Gasa Gasa and One Eyed Jack's. King Mulhacen is intimate, transportive, heartfelt music with an awakened pulse.



Photographer: Drew Gatian

Video Production/Editing: Beau Meier

Musicians: Sean Lemkey, Henry Bartholomay